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Updated 13 Nov 2015

Latest business, SEO & general web design articles

How to replace or remove characters using php (str_replace)

Here is an explanation along with a short video showing how to remove or replace one or more characters from a string or variable.

Picking up extra business

This is a quick list of tips & ideas to help pick up some extra business from your website.

Estate agent web design - choosing a developer

A useful article that will give some pointers & things to watch out for when selecting a web designer for your new estate agent or property website.

Starting an online business

Here we outline the very basics of what you need to get started with your first online business, from buying your domain name (your www.) to setting up hosting and getting your site built properly.

Business web design

Here we discuss what's the difference between business web site design and general every day web design?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Top 10 tips

Here is a list of what are probably the best 10 ways to get your website indexed by the search engines and then, actually rated highly on Google for the keywords you want it to be.