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Business web design

Getting started with a new website

A lot of clients come to us with a great idea for a new business but are not exactly sure on what they'll need to get their website up and running. At Vortex web design we appreciate you may need a helping hand getting things going so don't be afraid to ask if you don't know.
We have outlined below some of the initial things you are going to need & what they are, which we will happily organise on your behalf if you would like us to.
Some of our business clients
Buying a domain name - what is one of those? !

Getting your www. name for your business

Your domain name is what people will type in to find your website online - you can buy domain names online quickly & easily for usually under £10 - Your domain name needs to be renewed every year or two depending on what suffix you have (.com, etc). We can buy and set it up for you so you dont need to worry - just tell us your business name & we can check availability.
Website hosting for my business

Keeping your website live online

Web hosting is an amount of space you rent online within which your website files reside - whenever someone types in www.yourwebsite... they will be redirected to this hosted area to view your site - There are several different types & packages of hosting available but we can get you set up for as little as £7 per month including email accounts for your business too.
Emails, Branding & Compatibility

Looking professional will help you grow

Once we have got a domain & set up your hosting we'll create emails for your business so you can send and reply from you@yourbusinessname as opposed to using Gmail, BT etc - this is a lot more professional. We can also help with branding your company to help customer confidence in your products & services. We'll also ensure your site works in all browsers & portable devices.

Setting up an online business.

Setting up an online business can be quite daunting & it seems like there are endless things to take into consideration - In actual fact it can be quite easy if you have the right advice & people to assist you in getting things up & running.
From the moment you contact us to the day you launch your site we will do our very best to ensure all your questions are answered & you get the best advice possible - we don't just design websites, we also deal in marketing, promotion, optimisation & all other areas that you would expect to need when getting your fledgling business started.
You'll also have your very own account manager who will always deal with you so rest assured you will always deal with someone from our team who knows exactly where you need to be. - Give us a call now, what have you got to lose!
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The process of setting up your online business

  • Initial consultation with you - the client
  • Domain name purchase (if you don't yet have one)
  • Setting up a hosting account
  • Creation of your email accounts for the business
  • Initial designs of the website put together for your approval
  • Feedback from you regarding our initial design
  • Any necessary design tweaks & changes implemented to ensure you are 100% happy
  • Other pages & databases constructed for the site to store other information
  • Easy to use content managements system added so you can easily update your site
  • Final consultation & testing prior to going live
  • Once you are fully satisfied we will put your site live & submit it to the search engines

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